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Chase 10000 Cheese
manufactured simpletons fly
the kites of green
trickling into / drying up
ones tens millions
take interest in the interest
that white, red stripes
blue starred tophat
impose upon
poor lives
what we're worth
economy simplified
is finding means to ends
we are the means
to unknown ends
IRS bombs deployed
destroy what's
worked for
in order to "defend"
its populous
tax cuts
into imagination
infecting with filth
- childhood dreams
- american dreams
all that has merit
is afraid to be shown
ghosts in the light
pocketbook beacons
you ain't afraid of no ghost
pinpointing pinpricking
to make bleed the virtues
instilled in your creators
supply demands motivation
marrow of desire
sucked away
decrepid bodies toil
in lines and cubes
mice to run your wheel
but without water
the wheel will stop
and you will go away
:iconcaalis:caalis 0 11
Dead Flames
discarnate eyes m e e t
jig danced atop a tombstone
hallow's eve: rejoined
:iconcaalis:caalis 0 6
DITL - caalis
Portent is not a word that exists to me, and I dare not predict where and in what state I will be several months from now. I don't know how I'll feel on a day to day basis; on some days I live by the hour. Occasionally, one day turns out to be two for me. I stay up all night at least once a week, and my stream of consciousness flows uninterrupted for far too long. I never have a paddle, so I'm mercilessly buffeted into the boulders in my river that daily surface to slow me down.
A day in my life consists of observations of both myself (which are rather unimportant) and others. The trees are changing color, but as the onset of autumn approaches, I feel like nobody cares. Falling leaves form no more of an impression on some than breathing does. I see people too wrapped up in trivials and various other nondescripts, and I have the urge to run up to them, grab their shoulders and shake, screaming, "Open your eyes! The reality you have created for yourselves is wanton disgust!" Inv
:iconcaalis:caalis 1 3
Man-of-War - In Progress
lapse of judgement
in organic form
coil around and squeeze
but the plight goes unresisted
for there now is none
stolen vision
for a better world
drag me home to die
and the hands of those I trusted
ease the knife in deep
:iconcaalis:caalis 0 5
Chlamydia Drinks Heineken
a girl she screams out from across the hall
false bliss emits from mouth to guy she "loves"
the satin sheets, they do not help to hide
that sex has shared its time with other guys
ten beers walk (stumble) home at 3 am
his friends support with arms an imbecile
he drinks in pints to meet oblivion
the captain, jack, and jager: friends for life
collegiate life can be fun with the nots
the not-sex
the not-drunk
are the choices that the masses fail to see
it's sad
to see
they're wasting
they're wasting what will never be
the best time of their lives
:iconcaalis:caalis 0 5
Mary Kay Calling
strawberry lip gloss
to make your kisses taste good
to make the boys that
use you
for sex
want you
and you pay extra
for the mascara that doesn't run
for when the boys that
lie to you
for kicks
make you cry
you hate the way this feels
but you love to look pretty
for the boys that
eye you
for sport
undress you
maybe it's maybelline
maybe you should be yourself
every so often
:iconcaalis:caalis 0 7
City Park Statue
:iconcaalis:caalis 0 2
Kids Are So Curious
mommy, what do those clouds remind you of?
(stratus clouds
penetrate a thunderhead)
you want a needle in your arm again
mommy, why do you moan at night when daddy is at work?
(strange man's voice
passes through my bedroom door)
you stay married for his life insurance plan
mommy, why do you hide those bottles in my closet?
is your special hollywood)
you think you drink to find happiness
mommy, how did you get those bruises on your face?
(look, that one
has a nice artistic flair)
you probably pissed off your bookie again
mommy, why do you always yell at me?
(the speed pills
make you breathe irrational)
you bitch...yes, I learned that word from you
mommy, why do I think about killing you?
:iconcaalis:caalis 1 10
caalis dev id by caalis caalis dev id :iconcaalis:caalis 0 3
Rotting Bananas
rotting bananas mirror the writer
table fan rivals my own whining
phone is missing from the cradle
just like I was years ago
none of this means anything
too stupid to cut myself
so I dig my fingernails in
just for the pain; I like my blood
navigating through my veins
not pouring from them
words fuck my lips as I speak them
the only pleasure I get anymore
comes from talking to myself
from running from myself
a bitch for a brick wall
I never stop charging forward
into more problems
but it's alright
because I was happy yesterday
but...yesterday was when I was six
and I was either happy or asleep
six years old
my twin brother and I wore the same clothes
and were very tall for our age
I still am
but my brother is taller
he always had to be better
he is better
he and everyone else
sometimes I'm afraid to be awake
and now I'm afraid to go to sleep
and as madness encircles me
I welcome it with open arms
rotting bananas are the writer
the inside is still fresh and offers much
discouragement sho
:iconcaalis:caalis 1 6
Erotica Challenge - caalis
Cymbals, snares, and wood conduct.
The drummer's footborne bass invades
To bite my nipples with a smile,
Buy land upon my virgin soul.
Oft akin to sorcery,
Your heartbeats made us one.
Lyrics fly, subliminal.
The singer's a-flat vibes depart
To pirate eardrums carefully,
Make hair erect and stroke my spine.
Sweet reminders of the way
Your soft breaths made me hard.
Fenders wail their phantom notes,
Deft ph'langes kiss the neck, their love,
And trace along my inner thigh,
Cause nerves to scream serenity.
Dext'rous methamphetamines
Your touch has made me yours.
Chorus: sounds collaborate,
Guitar-percussion-vocal moans.
Wild hands caress those special spots,
Our minds intent to share this love,
To store tonight in scrapbook hearts,
And ne'er forget this song.
:iconcaalis:caalis 0 6
The Cougar Nightmares
Sweat. And my eyes are stinging; I forgot to take my contacts out again. They tried to kill me last night. I can see bone through flesh that rotted away from the fire. I found out firsthand that stop, drop, and roll really does work. The white ceiling is gray from the absence of morning light, gray as the unwanted skin of someone who has been dead for days. Oh, yes, they came closer than they ever have before. Skip back a few months to rural Oklahoma. Why would I ever go to rural Oklahoma? I was driving home from school, as a matter of fact. And much more time was spent in Pauls Valley than I had planned. Skip back to May 9th.
I didn't want to go home for the summer. I wanted to stay here with my friends, and avoid my parents at all costs. Here refers to Mankato, Minnesota, and my bright future via a four year college. I left on a Thursday night, around 9 in the evening. My goal that day was to leave at noon, but I knew I would miss my friends too much if I left early. I
:iconcaalis:caalis 0 1
Skeleton Hands
Life whispers by: dead
Skeleton hands surrender
Just let the scars heal.
:iconcaalis:caalis 0 2
Gobi Desert
Slipping through the cracks
Will no one get close to me?
Parched hopes crack and bleed.
:iconcaalis:caalis 0 1
Recurring Nightmare
Somebody help him!
Teeth gnaw on the steering wheel.
Flesh becomes carbon.
:iconcaalis:caalis 0 2
Ambient gunshot
Repugnance, a liar's love.
She died; blame yourself.
:iconcaalis:caalis 0 1


evening mist by swampy evening mist :iconswampy:swampy 207 154 Carolina- November sadness by lostgirl Carolina- November sadness :iconlostgirl:lostgirl 931 461 the faceless complacent by computerologist the faceless complacent :iconcomputerologist:computerologist 40 119 High Meadow by trigovuddthalimund High Meadow :icontrigovuddthalimund:trigovuddthalimund 8 15
Morning Brilliance - ckrall
wipe the cobwebs from my eyes
breathe life into this still body
with your lips gently meeting mine
brush the dust of a thousand nights away
warm inviting hands running over soft cold skin
ressurect me
force me back into an unreal reality
pry me away from the neverending distraction
of eternal dreaming
wake me up
inspire me to embrace the life i've left behind
with promises of undying affection
reaquiant me with my old belief
that love is the driving force behind living
remind me that i am not alone
:iconspiderqueen:spiderqueen 1 5
Dreams into Nightmares
No need to believe
When there's nothing around
A lonely fate I live
Eternally I am bound
With every morning I see
And every action of awake
I have this sudden feeling
Of myself in a lake
Escaping from a life
Of which I call a dream
Where each happiness I find
Is not what it seems
I hate this world now
I hate everything within
Just waking up with nothing
But the pain that seeps in
All I can do
Is fake a new smile
To negate all my pains
Even for a while
I hate having to awake
I just hate having to see
Another morning, another day
And then having to see me
If you look into a mirror
You either smile or fade away
Never had I smiled
And this happens everyday
I constantly feel nothing
Whenever I feel the sun
My life is nothing but a dream
That I can't even wake up from
:icondonny-d:donny-d 6 8
Inner Chamber by uriel Inner Chamber :iconuriel:uriel 36 67
Ophelias Song
ophelia's song
always something more important
even when you're seein nothing
at all
except whats
you're surrounded by your nightmares
chase your ghosts and dont let nothing
come in
this is where
you hide
so logical
so smart
this is my heart you're breaking
so noble
so cool
this is the choice you've made
would you even stop to wonder
if you raised your head to see that
i'm gone
or will you
does it really even matter
if you're cold, or if it's locked in
your heart
hidden by
and all i can say
i can't live this way
though tomorrow i
may turn around and stay
because i can't give up
this love today
would you even stop to wonder
if you raised your head to see that
i'm gone...
:iconseamaire:seamaire 1 3
Ignorance is Shit by sprok3t Ignorance is Shit :iconsprok3t:sprok3t 1 5
Here, in a room full of frenzied followers
Who watch their royal court with a probing eye
Stripping themselves of their originality
All for the sake of fitting into their pre-selected genre
They all move robotically and are brainwashed of reality
Their eyes have been temporarily sewn shut
The court has ordered them to be happy in spite of the circumstance
They feel they cannot voice an opinion, unless it belongs to someone else
They carry perfect, shiny cases for their pencils
Their teeth shine white and their hair shines blonde
Their attire is all composed of dull colors
The girls' hair swings back and forth in a prized ponytail
Their eyes reflect the dim shadow of judgement
The boys stride gracefully, never missing a step
In their crisp khakies and clean cardigans
With anklet socks and Doc Martens
Never realizing there is more to choose from...
But they follow the court ordered drab standard
And they all look at us with eyes lacking epth
With minds lacking individuality
:iconmysterious-lass:mysterious-lass 7 32
Cover Me 2
Cover me
Feel my body as it draws heat from yours
Hold me so tight that you can count my heartbeats
Whisper in my ear that you cherish this one act
I want to stay right here
I want to be held
I want to loose my breath each time I think about this when you let go
I want to close my eyes and fall deep into this feeling
Touch my lips with your finger
Run your fingertips down the trace of my body
Remind me why I cry, why I feel, and why I am
Tell me that this is why we are born, why we spawn, and why we are unique
Grab my hand and just hold it
Don't let go
Don't stop holding me
Take my concerns if just for a moment so I can be at peace
No worries, no fears, nothing outside of this cocoon of souls
If I begin to cry it is only happiness that drives it
My emotions are true here, nothing forced
Just cover me
Just hold me
Don't let go, feel my deep breaths as I sob
Cry my tears with me
Feel each one as it falls on your naked arm
Just let me be a part of you
You need not say anymore now
Just hol
:iconmistress-lilith:mistress-lilith 1 4
water-drop by deviantik water-drop :icondeviantik:deviantik 11 12
Forced Empathy
Fuck you!
My beauty isn't in the leather and the silk
Wrapped in corsets, latex, and straps
That will never be
I am not beautiful like that
My beauty is the pain of life
The pain that you know is coming
It is controlled, precise and my art
The blood flows in the lines I carve
A white to red pattern emerges in my skin
My fragile psyche art
This is my body
It is my body of work
A scar from denial
A scar from depression
A scar to test living emotions
A scar to scare
A fresh scar to draw eyes
This is my life
Fuck you!
Wear your heels
Dress up in floral scents
My beauty will last my life
My beauty is the red you swab
Look at the patterns of caring craft
They are letters and shapes of stories
Life's lessons translated to pain only for me.
Pins, needles, razorblades and matches
I am a walking canvas of forced empathy
:iconmistress-lilith:mistress-lilith 2 8
downtown 3am
downtown 3:00 AM
she whispered down the phone
"i'm stuck downtown...really..."
there's really not much he can do
at this point
what's a favor
the roads seem smoother
at this hour
i never understood why
outside a phonebooth
smoking a cigarette
looking desperate
how theatrical...
a smoke and a joke
shift to drive
"they say that it's going to rain tomorrow."
"it doesn't really matter though does it...?"
"i suppose not."
the brief pauses are really
where it all happens.
"so what are you going to do after college?"
"i don't know....go work right?"
"what else though?"
"same thing i've been makes me happy"
"like right now?"
"yes. exactly that."
we watch the empty city
i fidgit with the radio
"around here?"
"that also doesn't really matter..."
"i suppose not."
we are both laughing
together for once
the moon is shining
behind 3:00AM fog.
the night won't last forever
she won't last forever
i won't last forever
and a kiss would be out of place
but i try to conve
:iconhobbit125:hobbit125 2 6
judgement day by noplan judgement day :iconnoplan:noplan 61 88



I don't post anything with this user account anymore..

-l0ki is current..


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